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CAH Audio Products, Inc. USA is found in 1990 and registered the trademark in USA. With manufacturing variety kinds of audio products, like microphones, amplifiers, mixing consoles and signal processor,

we could provide a total solution for you with high quality but cost-effective. To be completely held by CAH Professional Sound Co., Ltd.,

we are still exploring overseas market, including Europe, US, India and Asia. 


P rofessional Wireless Microphone

The NEW CAH U-3650D II UHF Professional Wireless Microphone System is an updated version of one of our best selling products U-3650D.

Different with previous U-3605D, new U-3650D II has 2 present groups, each group has 100 compatible frequencies for selection, reduce the chance of frequency interference. Built-in ACT™ function provides the transmitter’s frequency  rapid sync to the receiver, just simple few steps could complete the system.


    Up to 100 compatible frequencies per channel

    ACT™ function provides the transmitter’s frequency with precise and rapid sync to the receiver

    Adjustable output level

    1/4” and XLR audio outputs

    LCD display for operating status

    EIA Standard 19” 1U metal chassis, easy to install at rack


U-3650D II

- U-3650D II-R Wireless Receiver x 1  

- U-365H II Handheld Transmitter x 2

U-3650D II/ BLM-1

- U-3650D II-R Wireless Receiver x 1

- U-365H II Handheld Transmitter x 1

- BT-365 II Bodypack Transmitter x 1

- C-L65 Lavalier Microphone x 1 / C-H65 Headset Microphone x 1

U-3650D II/ BLM-2

- U-3650D II-R Wireless Receiver x 1

- BT-365 II Bodypack Transmitter x 2

- C-L65 Lavalier Microphone x 2 / C-H65 Headset Microphone x 2

U-365H II Handheld

BT-365 II Bodypack Transmitter
C-L65 Lavalier Microphone

C-H65 Headset Microphone

P rofessional Vocal microphones

The 301/S & 328ND/IIS are dynamic vocal microphones with high sound pressure levels that can provide high gain before feedback, the most extended response and the lowest handling noise.

The 301/S & 328ND/IIS delivers all this and more.


    High Sound Pressure Levels

    High Gain Before Feedback

    Lowest Handling Noise