Kowloon Tong Baptist Church had almost 70 years history in Hong Kong. At the beginning, there were a family church grouping some of Christian. Afterwards, because of increasing number of Christian and followers, it moved to the existing address in 2007.

To match up the growth of followers, the church would like to set a camera system in the hall. It is a honor for CAH to provide Hitachi PTZ camera and its accessory to Kowloon Tong Baptist Church.

 Two Hitachi VZ-HD3880HC were installed in the ceiling of the hall. VZ-HD3880HC is a hanging PTZ camera with a total of two million effective pixels and 1,920x1,080 pixel. One is specially filming the stage and speaker, one is specially filming to the followers. Through two Opticis M1-201SA-TR fiber Detachable DVI module transfer the image to the existing projectors and the control monitor. The followers sit in the back of the hall can watch the stage clearly, and the speaker can observe the feedback of followers easily. 

 To remote control the Hitachi camera, HKS-V10 camera controller is applied in the control room. HKS-V10 is designed as the supporting accessory especially for Hitachi’s camera. According to the need, HKS-V10 can control two VZ-HD3880HC shooting. 

 Finally, both Christians and staffs are pleased with the new camera system, the new camera system can fully match up with the existing audio and visual system. And the staff thought the new system is easy to use and fulfill with their needs. 

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