The old Wuxi City Workers Cultural Palace had over 50 years of history , the Wuxi city's government decided to invest 350 million to build a new cultural palace and identified it as key social construction projects. The main function of New Workers Cultural Palace will be an activity square, arts centers and cultural centers. Palace will be a full-featured, advanced and modern mass cultural and sports activities center.

CAH successfully providing audio products for the theater of new Workers Cultural Palace, to consider clearly of the environment and the actual need of theater, CAH decided to use our agents RENKUS-HEINZ products.

Supply 26 units of RH TRX Series loudspeakers on the theater stage, 2 units of RH DR series and 10 units of RH STX Series loudspeakers are installed in the auditorium. TRX Series loudspeakers use as a stage speakers can guarantee complete coverage the near-field, while use DR series and STX series as the left and right main speakers of auditorium can guarantee complete coverage back of auditorium.

New Wuxi City Workers Cultural Palace had already opened, and different kinds of cultural programs are carried out smoothly. The devices that given by customers are highly praised the audio products, it is sound good, uniform coverage and easy to operate.